A SmartTV device is either a television set or a set-top box that enables users to access the internet and applications to enhance their television viewing expereience.  Internet enabled TV's are becoming more and more popular in today's app-driven world.  The fragmented market includes a variety of platforms for SmartTV optimization, including set top boxes, built in smart televisions, and gaming consoles.  


AppSYGNA builds SmartTV applications for these platforms including Smart Televisions(Samsung, Sony, LG...), Smart TV boxes(Roku, Boxee, GoogleTV), and Gaming Consoles(XBox, PS3, WiiU).  AppSYGNA specializes in building new applications, and optimizing exiting applications for any and all SmartTV platforms.  Come to us with your idea for a SmartTV application and we'll build it, OR come to us with your existing application and we'll customize it for whichever platform you want!


With appSYGNA as your partner, your application will reach your audience now matter which SmartTV they're currently using!




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