link.png PyroCMS: Migrating a Single-Site to a Multi-Site Installation

PyroCMS Professional allows multiple sites to run through one installation of PyroCMS. This streamlines the creation of new sites and allows easy management of one codebase instead of one for each site. This article will details migrating single-site installs into a mutl-site install. You will need to purchase a PyroCMS Professonial license to get started. 

link.png Win for Big Data

After listening to Nate Silver on John Stewart last week, after the Obama win I was reminded again of how cool the concept of "Big Data" really is.  More importantly how much of a game changer it can be when we apply this information to more than just elections...

link.png What / Where is Big Data?

What / Where is the Big Data?  It all looks too familiar but somewhat new.